WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog

WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog
(TO SEE OUR WEB SITE CLICK ON THE ABOVE PICTURE) Lifeline Haiti and Bridges of Hope exists to promote poverty relief and community empowerment within nations of the world. This mission is achieved in cooperation with Governments, donor organizations and individuals. Implementation is accomplished in cooperation with local business & Spiritual Leaders, individuals, & indigenous organizations within the region of operation and by building the capacity of these partners. The goal is to build the assets of these partners to become sustainable and reproducing agents and transition from beneficiaries to benefactors.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Where we are and where we are going!!!

We will be going back to Haiti on the 16th of Mar. and returning back to Canada on the 1st of Apr. If your interested in going on a short term mission trip to Haiti we have room on this trip. Contact me ASAP.

The government of Haiti have offered us some land in the north part of Haiti near the Dominican. We still have 16 locations we want to open before we start a school in this area but we will go to have a look at the location in March. They will transfer the land over to us. This is a huge breakthrough.

Where we are at the present time is that we have 22 schools in 16 locations with 3300 students. Some of our schools are used for three functions and sometimes four when missionary Dr. use them for medical clinics. For example our Chabin location has an elementary school, a high school, and an adult school. Our Jacmel school is an elementary school, an adult school and a bible school.

I am excited about some of the things that are starting to come together. For example we have been granted a certificate from the Haitian Government as a Public Recognition Organization which gives us special privileges for shipping things into the country. While we are waiting for the paper work to get done they have give us a permit to start as soon as we are ready.

If anyone reading this would like me to come and make a presentation to your business, school, church, family or foundation please drop me a note from my contact information.

"Thank you for making a difference" We are just getting started.

Schools added and a glimpse of costs in 2008.

Attached is a photo of a map that gives the best detail I have seen on any map in Haiti but could not find one to buy. This will help you get an idea where some of school locations are and where we are looking to expand. If you double click on the map it should expand so you can read the locations.
4 schools added... Our first addition is in Bainet which is 10 miles from Bas Frontal closer to the coast. Looking at the map you will see Jacmel on the south coast. If you go straight to the left of Jacmel and along the cost about an inch you will see Bainet. Our second school added is Baie Orange.. This is on the highway towards our Thiotte school.. This is where the their houses are made of straw. I have been in the region several times and the need is desperate there. Our third location is Anses a Pitres which is past our Thiotte location at the bottom right of the country as you look at the map right on the Dominican boarder. Our FOURTH addition is in City Soleil which is the most dangerous part of Haiti. This is a part of Port au Prince. I feel if we can give them hope for their future in this area with this hope for the future the violence will subside.
Just a glimpse of some of our costs for 2008. Thank you to each of you that have contributed and made a huge difference. All amounts are in Canadian funds.....
Food purchases .................................................$475,242.48
Propane...........................................................$ 4,608.60
Salaries to teachers, cooks, drivers, administration, etc.........$142,689.36
Construction costs................................................$261.525.46
Land purchases....................................................$ 41,789.25
Vehicle purchases..'Water truck, transport truck, motor bikes.....$ 60,807.51
Vehicle repairs and tires.........................................$ 13,538.61
Office supplies, computers, printers, and printing of material....$ 30,095.64
School books......................................................$ 33,500.28
School uniforms...................................................$ 24,770.00
Fuel diesel.......................................................$ 67,883.70

This is an example of just some of our operating costs for 2008. Thank you for making a difference..

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Watch for my report on the wrap up of our last mission trip. I hope to have it posted before the end of the month with the name of the locations we will be expanding our schools. Our need is huge to keep meeting the need as we expand our vision to help the children of Haiti. If you have any questions please contact me via e-mail....

Meetings with Government Officials and other Charities

We had meetings with Government officials on our return home along with a charity they connected me with. The charity is Food For The Poor. They had expressed the effects of the global down turn and how they are having to cut back. They are in a position to help us with supplying hygiene packages for the children. They also have a supply of school supplies such as desks which will be a huge help for us. I will have further posting on this when it all comes together. The picture shows a warehouse with boxes of supplies like, soap, towels, tooth brushes/tooth paste and much more.

Stop at our Diquine school (Port au Prince)

These pictures of our children in Diquini which is a region of Port au Prince and of the land we have just purchased for the building of our new schools for this region.
We will be building to prepare for 400 children to attend this school.

Visit to our Leogane school

Wrapping up our last few days in Haiti has been a whirlwind but very encouraging. I will have more news later but it looks like we will be able to open up 4 more schools, helping an addition 500 children or more.

We stopped at our Leogane school on the way to PAP for our flight out on Monday. In this picture the children are being taught personal hygiene. The top picture of one of our preschool classes.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Home made wheel barrel

This little boy has a device made of two sticks and a wheel. We have seen them load their supplies on the sticks and push whatever they have collected to their home.

Children gleaning for food.

As we were walking the property yesterday there were a number of the children from the area walking with us. They were finding small sweet potatoes that were underground that were missed during the harvest. Here this little girl is pealing them to prepare for cooking. The people from the area use our land to plant gardens and then we do a crop share with them. Our portion goes to feed our children at the schools.

Property behind the Chabin school

We were able to negotiate a deal with the owner of the land behind our school. We were in great need of land this close to build a cafeteria and a larger kitchen for the school. We tried to purchase this two years ago but the owner was not interested in selling but on this trip in he approached me and offered us a good deal so we secured the purchase yesterday. In the picture you can see the land being surveyed. This is a great addition to our property at this location. There is a great need for a medical clinic in this region so with the purchase of additional property we will have the room to build a medical clinic one day as we have the funds.

Property infront of our school in Chabin

We have been trying to negotiate a deal with Tee Tee, the owner of this land for the past three years. This is the only area close to the school that we could develop into a playground. We have a Foundation out of Calgary that will donate to us all the playground equipment we would ever need for this location. We would build a retaining wall to the front of this land so we can level out this piece. At the end Tee Tee gave us the land and it has been transferred over to the school as of yesterday. A piece of property this size would be worth approx. $1000. U.S. even in this location. For this we are greatful. We will take down the house on the property and recycle the cinder blocks.

Small World

While Charlie & Priscilla were traveling down to Haiti they met Ian & Alice Van Norman from Calgary on their flight. Charlie was telling them about the mission we were involved with in Haiti. Ian & Alice were wanting to meet with me while they were in Haiti so when I was in Port au Prince on the 20th I went for a visit with Ian & Alice and met Ken & Denise Wallis from D'Arcy, Sask. Ken & Denise are hosting teams coming into the mission they are helping out for the next couple of months. It was amazing how many people they knew that were friends of ours. What a small world.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hike back down the mountain at Savanette a little easier!

The scenery was breathtaking along with the hike up some of the steep areas of the trail going up to the Savanette school. This picture is taken about half way down the trail from the school. You can see a river bottom in front of us and then at the top of the picture is the Caribbean. A walk taking time to enjoy the scenery is about 2 hrs. one way.

One of our cooks at our Savanette school

Preparing a hot meal each day over a wood fire is always a challenge. We are greatful for our cooks that work so hard to prepare the food for the children and clean up after.

Charlie & Priscilla with their sponsored child in Savanette

This is the second time that Charlie and Priscilla have made this challenging hike up to the Savanette school. It is so worth it when we see the children.
The joy expressed on their faces and the joy in their songs makes the trip so worth while.
I encourage other sponsors of children to plan a short term mission trip with me in the future.
Contact me if you are interested.

Making a Difference One Child at a time

This is a picture of a child and a mother we came across as we were hiking up to the Savanette school. This child was very sick and they did not have the money to get her treated at the clinic about a three hour walk from their home. It would cost $25.U.S. to have this child treated and to get the proper medicine. We are so great full that Joe as able to help with the funds to take a tap tap to the mission clinic where she will get the examination and medicine needed for no cost to them. It is with support like this that we are able to make a difference, one child at a time.

Dr. Tiffany and her husband Steve

It was such a blessing to have Dr. Tiffany Keenan and her husband Steve to come along with us. It turned out there was a child in need of medical help but the family did not have the money to take her in. It would have cost $25. U.S. to have her child examined by a Dr. at a clinic a three hour walk away along with the medication. She was able to help her by supplying the funds to get a tap tap to a mission clinic where she will be treated for free. We are looking at setting up some clinics in some of the regions we have our schools. This is such a huge need.

Savanette School Jan.22/09

It was a full day but a wonderful day hiking up to our Savanette school. Many of the children came part way down the mountain to meet us. They were singing all the way down and all the way back up.
Charlie, Priscilla, Bob, Pastor, Nel, Tiffany, Steve, Mike and Joe came with me.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Meeting with Government Ministers in Port au Prince Jan.20/09

The day was long but very fruitful from our meetings with Government officials in Port Au Prince. We have received favor from these men which will speed up our mission to reach and help as many of the poor as we can in Haiti in the shortest possible time.
Above is a photo of my self and my Director of Operations Pastor Wilbert Placide on the right with the Minister of Customs beside me and the Minister of Culture. We will be finalizing our paper work to bring in supplies in containers from Canada. They have given us permission to start even before our paper work is completed. I will be sending out a request for all to start collecting whatever you find that will be helpful for our work in Haiti. Hospital supplies as one day we will have a medical clinic, tools, welding equipment, re bar, cement, wheel barrels, shovels, picks, generators, inverters, solar panels, wind generators, cloths and much more. Also vehicles like a truck and a dirt bike that is road legal at least a 250cc. I can't think of anything that we don't need.
Please drop me a note if you have any questions or find ways you can help organize in your area. We will be collecting and storing up supplies in Medicine Hat till we have enough to fill a container. Together we can make a difference...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Christelle from our Chabin school

This little girl's name is Christelle and she 6 years old. She has been with us for 3 yrs. and was the first child to get a sponsor at our first school here in Haiti. Words cannot describe the impact this help has made for her and her family. She has 4 sisters and 3 brothers. Without support from people like you she would not have had a chance to go to school, ever.
Making a difference, one child at a time...... Thank you for making a difference...

One of our water trucks getting filled beside a donkey

Here is a photo of one of our water trucks at the pumping station getting a load of water. Beside the truck is a donkey with saddle bags and plastic jugs of water going to his home 4 miles from this location. It is something we take so for granted in Canada with our abundant water supply. We see daily children carrying plastic containers into the mountains for their daily water supply.
Tomorrow the 20th I will be meeting with Government officials from the Haitian Government in Port au Prince.
Wednesday we will be looking at the Medical Clinic situation here in Jacmel with a Canadian, Dr. Tiffany from Fredricton. There is such a huge need for medical care here and we hope we can help with more then just bring in a few medical supplies. We can man a clinic with a Dr. and nurse for $30,000. U.S. per year. This would help thousands of people and save many lives.

Some of the adults that attend one of our adult schools

Meeting with some of the adults that attend our Chabin location. This has been such a huge encouragement for them to learn to read, write and arithmetic. The day was full meeting with all the parents of the high school along with the elementary school parents. I had set school up this year to give each student every opportunity to pass. To do this I have the teacher keep back each day any student that is having difficulty with a subject and tutor them till they get it. This is a great opportunity for one on one teaching. The parents didn't understand what I was trying to do so the meeting today made it clear for them and they are excited about this. The problem we have is that our schools are so full that if we have children that fail we will not have enough room in the classroom for them the following year with the number of children passing into their grade from the previous year would put us over our limit as the standard set by the Haitian Government. Everyone left the meetings very excited and grateful for the opportunity their children are receiving.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Helping hand

Our heart is not only to help the children but all those in need. Here is a man that is physically challenged with both his hands and feet. He is out on the streets all day every day selling phone cards tying to keep food on the table. We are thank full that we were able to help.

Friends get to meet one of many of the children they sponsor

Charlie & Priscilla Redpath were up to one of our schools located in Basfrontal with me on Friday They got to meet Lynda their sponsored child for the first time. They got to meet all the other children the sponsor in the other schools earlier this week. Making a difference, one child at a time. Thanks to all that make a difference by sponsoring a child for $1. per day.

Fuel shortage in Haiti

There has been fuel shortages here in Haiti causing some short tempers at the service stations. This is a photo of just one of the line ups. Most of these bikes are taxi's and without fuel they are not able to make any money. I haven't heard from anyone from other parts of Haiti but I am sure it is like this all over the country. Some have waited for hours to get a gallon of gasoline.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Land to develope for water supply

We are just negotiating for this piece of property just outside the city limits of Jacmel to the north. Our plan is to develop this for a pumping station for a water supply. There is a good supply of water through a spring system on this property. We would dig a well and build a pumping station which would give us a water supply to deliver to the local residences.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Team at our Chabin location

We have had an amazing journey to this point. The team has been busy fixing up the mission house we are using. We also toured the Chabin location meeting all the teachers and children and looking at the sites for future construction of a technical school, garage for rixing and maintance of our vehicles and where our cement plant will be located. Also got word today from the Government of Haiti that they are going to give us a Government status for shipping whatever we need for our projects. This is amazing favor and we realize this is very rare of which we are great full. Also was contacted today by the largest Micro Loan organization in the world and they will be meeting with me on Feb. 3rd. after I get back to Canada. This could be life changing for thousands of people. So far we have set up 30 businesses with micro loans from money we have raised but if an organization like this gets involved with our projects it would be again amazing favor. All the children we so happy to see us and they are all doing great. Thanks to each of you for your support. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail ... lifelinehaiti@g.mail.com
Bob & Linda

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Safe trip to Haiti

Just a quick note to let everyone know that all of the 12 team members have arrived safe and sound in Jacmel. Keep posted as I will post updates in the days to come as often as we have internet working. Bob & Linda

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

News Letter Jan/09

First off, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous New Year.

As 2009 begins, I cannot help but look back at 2008 and feel grateful. Grateful to all the people who stepped up to the plate to make a difference in the lives of the people of Haiti, and grateful for all that was accomplished there. It gives me hope and a sense of optimism as we look forward to see what it is we will be able to accomplish this year.

Many of you may have seen in news and media reports that 2008 was a year in which Haiti was ravaged by powerful hurricanes that hit them relentlessly and repeatedly. What many of you may not have seen or heard about though were the teams of people that accompanied me to Haiti directly after the hurricanes to help with the rebuilding of the homes that were destroyed, and who helped with the huge undertaking of feeding the masses of people who were in such desperate need. People who were starving because of their crops and livestock that were swept away.

Going above and beyond the call, these rescue teams also helped with the repairing of roads and with the painting of the Chabin School both inside and out.

In 2008 Lifeline Haiti once again expanded to operates a total of 15 schools that sees to the need of 2700 students. Needs that include providing more than 700,000 meals each school year.

To help provide these needs Lifeline Haiti now employs more than 160 staff members, who are all Haitian residents. Staff members who provide all of the personnel that make up our administration, cooking staff, drivers, construction workers, and of course our teachers. Leading this amazing group of professionals is our Haitian Director of Operations Pastor Wilbert Placide.

The year 2008 also saw us thankful for those that who were able to help us in the purchase of a mission house. Currently used as an orphanage until such time as they are able to build a new home for the children, which is expected to be in the next year or so, the house will be used in the future as a safe shelter for teams going in to help with other projects.

This year we were also thankful for the receipt of sufficient funds through donations that allowed us to purchase two water trucks and a transportation truck along with 3 more motor bikes which will be used as taxi’s. Designed to be set up as their own businesses, the profit realized from these businesses will one day allow our schools to be self-supporting.

By employing local residents and teaching them how to operate these businesses, we not only generate much needed income to support our schools, other Lifeline Haiti operations, and future business operations, but we also provide much needed employment and skill sets in a country where unemployment runs rampant.

As 2008 began to wind down we soon found ourselves in a critical situation. With food costs rising to 300% in the aftermath of the hurricanes and our dollar worth 25% less after the exchange, I was faced, with looking at the heart wrenching decision of having to cut back our operations by 700 children, so that we would have enough for the other 2000. Just in time, I got word that a church from the States has offered to ship in enough food for 600,000 meals. This will be shipped into Haiti in January. For this we are so thankful as now we will be able to keep all of our 2700 students in school this year.

January will also see us starting construction of our Port au Prince school thanks to a church in Vancouver that is helping with this project. Other individuals and churches have also offered to help with construction of our Basin Blue, Basfrontal & Leogan schools

January will also see me bring another dedicated team to Haiti from January 12th to the 28th. As I am always willing to show as many as are willing to go, all of the work we, with your generous help, are doing in this beautiful but impoverished country, please let me know at any time, if you are interested in a future short-term mission trip.

Every 3.5 seconds somewhere in the world, someone somewhere dies of starvation. Individuals not unlike you and members of your family who want nothing more than a chance to live. A chance we have been given simply by virtue of where we live.

Perhaps this year as we make our New Year’s Resolutions, instead of focusing on what it is we can do to change our own lives, we should focus on what it is we can do to change someone else’s, because together, as we have proven time and time again in 2008, we can make a difference.

The best of the New Year to you all, may God bless you in 2009, as He has blessed Lifeline Haiti and the children who attend our schools thanks to your dedicated support in 2008, we hope to see it continue throughout 2009.

Because of His amazing grace …. Bob & Linda