WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog

WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog
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Monday, March 29, 2010




We were at the orphanage most of the day with all the children and the first day of school... this is our first time to have a school at this location.. the children from Jacmel are attending here as there is no place to put a tent on our property in Jacmel... we will be getting two more large tents for this location... the open door tent is the school, the other tent is one of two tents for the children to sleep in at night time.... the picture of the three little girls shows the little one in the middle the child that came with us from Bay d'Orange on Friday... her mother was unable to care for her any more.. .. she has 6 other children... she adjusted quickly with the children at the orphanage as she already knew some of them.... the little boy, Jameson with me in the top left photo is also from the same area....

Thank you for making a difference... Bob & Linda


Here are a few faces of the people your support has helped make a difference... this is only a few of the thousands we have been able to help so far... we have been out of gasoline for the last couple of days in the south part of Haiti.. haven't heard if they are out of fuel anywhere else... makes it even more challenging to a very difficult situation... most of our schools are open now with the rest of the country opening the schools by the 5th of Apr. ... we are getting portable tents as classrooms... There was a concert put on by the Rosettes last night in the Hat to help with our work in Haiti.. thank you to everyone that donated.... the cinder block plant construction is going well.. all the walls should be up by the end of this week or early next week... I found a coffee plant that starts producing coffee the first year it is planted even though the yield is low at least we would get coffee the first year and a full harvest in about 3 yrs.. we have the land picked out and ready to purchase and plant coffee trees as soon as we have the funds...we are looking at about $80,000. to purchase the land and plant the trees....still waiting of finding the cost of each coffee tree.... we may end up putting in large water reservoirs to drip irrigate during dry seasons.... we will also have our own preparation and drying facilities of the coffee beans...
the large relief organization that have been renting our water trucks since Jan. 27th still haven't paid us... this is creating a financial stress on our organization.. pray they will pay us this week... it has been the same with the other water trucks they are renting... it always take so long to get things done down here... the rains have held back so far so the roads are still open and those that have bed sheets for tents are still OK but this will change soon as each day is one day closer to the rains...
I probably mentioned this before but I will be posting a list of needs soon... what we need the most is your prayers and any financial support you can help with... we are so looking forward to the cinder block plant to be in operation and the coffee plantation in place this will help take much with the finances need.... we will start seeing the impact with these project over the next couple of years... the biggest need at the moment is to help the orphans......
THANK YOU FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE.... www.lifelinehait.blogspot.com
Bob & Linda

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I had many ask from back home if we are still getting after shocks... I had said no but last night there was a real strong one which put some cracks in my room and rattled my dishes.... I didn't have my alarm system set up if you have been following my blog... the coffee beans are getting close to turning to the cherry color... I found a coffee plant here that will start producing the first year it is planted so we will be able to start with a return the first year even though it will be a small harvest it will still give a return... hopefully we will be able to purchase the land this spring for the coffee plantation... this would give us a good return to help with the operation of many of our schools plus give much employment in this region... the little girl with the stick is 10 yrs. old.. never would have guested....she is about the size of a 3 yr. old back home.... please pray that we will have the resources to open all of our schools on the waiting list to get support....
... thank you for making a difference.... God bless you... Bob & Linda

Saturday, March 27, 2010


This is home sweet home for a family on the bottom picture... I found the gardens in this region were much more advanced then I have seen in other parts of the country.. probably a little more moisture at this 2400 foot level....we have 125 children attending a school that we have set up in a house for now but we have not been able to give them any support... our hope is this coming school year we will be able to give this school support with teachers' salaries, food, books, uniforms and a bigger facility.... we would have about 300 attend if we could raise the support... thank you for making a difference... Bob & Linda


Just a few of the faces of the people your financial support is helping.. many of them their lives are being saved because of your generosity... thank you for making a difference... this photo's are taken from the Baie d'Orange region of Haiti.... God bless you.. Bob & Linda


There were many more people then what you see on the bottom picture that came for food... the little boy in the middle picture has signs of sever malnourishment... as soon as he gets some of this food into him they will see a huge difference.. the shy little girl caught my eye as she was hiding behind a pole... many of the children in our orphange come from this area... this is one of the poorest areas in all of our schools... a little girl was sent home with us on this trip... she is 5 yrs. old... pictures to follow... thank you for making a difference... Bob & Linda



We were all day traveling into the mountains to Bay d'Orange, about 3 hrs. to the north east of Jacmel... this is one of the areas we have a school set up but are not able to help them yet except for some food.. we took up 6000 meals which will feed this area for about a month... many of the families live in grass huts like the bottom picture.. they we so happy to get some food to take home to their families... it was amazing to watch as they carried them away on the top of their heads ... the top picture is of a truck we just picked up to help us deliver food into the mountain areas ... it is a 91 Toyota 4x4... thank you to each that have sent in support to help.. more pictures to follow... thank you for making a difference... Bob & Linda


id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5453510263277242546"Where does the time go... here is a picture of one of our latest additions... if is a gravel truck supplied to us by the Coastal Church from Vancouver, B.C. with Pastor Dave Koop... the printing on the side of the box is Creole for "helping the children".... not only can we haul lots of food we can help with the rebuilding and cleaning up of the collapsed buildings... thank you Coastal Church... Bob & Linda

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This is a picture of Pastor Tim & Pastor Chad who are from the Evergreen Church and Urban Refuge out of the Minneapolis area. The have partnered with Kids Against Hunger and us to help feed the children attending our schools.. They have committed to 1,000,000 meals... with the 12,000 children in our system we will be feeding 3,400,000 meals .... their contribution will be a huge help to accomplish this goal... so far what we have committed to us is a million from Chad's group and a million from Prairie Gleans out of Medicine Hat... I have had people ask what our needs are and I will post a list in the next day or two... thank you to each one that has helped make this labor of Love come together... the need is so huge we do not plan on stopping at just 12,000 children... as more churches and organization come on board to help the more we can wipe out poverty and illiteracy. THANK YOU FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE ONE CHILD AT A TIME..... God bless you... Bob, Linda & team


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This is one of our precious orphanes at our Little Angels of Jacmel Orphanage... we now have 32 orphans but have a waiting list of more then 50... the need is so huge but unable to do it without sponsorship for the children of $3. per day... this will include schooling for the ones 3 yrs. and older... the Venezuelan Army were in and helped us with some supplies... thanks to Senator Lambert of Jacmel... please considering helping these children with your financial support... we are in the process of registration with the Government but the paper work takes much time... we will be set up to do adoptions in the future... God only knows when... Bob & Linda

Short video on cinder block plant being set up in Chabin

This is a short video from on top of our school down to where our cinder block plant will be located.. we will be able to produce 1500 cinder blocks per day bringing in funds to help with the schools... this will create 10 full time jobs.. there is a team of 12 working on the construction of the walls... we hope to be able to put addition equipment on this site to double our capacity... the cinder blocks will be of a high quality... the need is huge for re construction... Bob & Linda

Team vistits our orphanage

It was an amazing day at the orphanage... just a couple of pictures... the top one is of our latest orphan who was dropped off recently.. her mother had died and the remaining family could not look after her... the bottom pictures is of a little guy that latched onto my leg for the whole time I was there... it was hair day... we now have 32 orphans.... sponsorship of a
child from the orphanage is $3. per day... thank you.. Bob & Linda

Team from Coastal Church, Vancouver, B.C.

We have been going hard and have found it difficult to keep caught up on my blog... should be good now... the Coastal Church team was such a blessing... the conference was amazing... the top picture is of the team on top of our Chabin school and the bottom picture is at the site where we are building our cinder block plant... the team left today except for Garry who will be here for another week.... Bob & Linda

Friday, March 19, 2010

Alpha Confrence Jacmel... first in Haiti

Here is a photo of those attending the Alpha Conference in Jacmel put on by the team from the Coastal Church, Vancouver, B.C. .... It has been amazing and will wrap up Friday... We have Pastor's from all over Haiti from the Christian Evangelic Church of Haiti lead by Pastor Wilbert Placide.... thank you Coastal Church.... God bless...
Bob & Linda

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


We had a good trip to Jacmel from Canada arriving in Jacmel this evening... many changes at the PAP airport since the earthquake... the team from the Coastal Church start with their Alpha training conference tomorrow morning while I go back to PAP to pick up Pastor Chad and a couple other Pastors from Minniapolis....

Met with a number of the people with relief organizations that are still here from when I was here last.... there hasn't been rain in Jacmel yet... concerned about the roads between here and PAP when the rains come... so much dirt piled up on the side of the road where it is down to one lane... this will turn to mud and make it very difficult to get through when that time comes...can't wait to see the children and all our staff....

Watch for pictures and updates... Bob & Linda

Friday, March 5, 2010


We received a gift from the local Rotary clubs while I was in Haiti... this truck will be a huge help for us to pick up supplies, cloths, food, blankets and all the articles people are donating to our schools in Haiti... Thank you so much to the Rotary in Medicine Hat.....
The rains in Haiti have brought more challenges in an already overwhelming situation for the precious people of Haiti... even before I left for Canada there were many people sick with malaria...... now the rains will add to the challenge... when I look at the big picture it looks so overwhelming but we must remember that we are making a difference... even if it is only one child at a time... thank you for being their to help financially and with our prayers.... we have some huge challenges coming up .... we must not forget about Haiti....
I leave for Haiti on the 15th arriving on the 16th with a team of 12 from the Coastal Church, Vancouver... they will be taking a week to help the Pastor's and others.... this is so needed... bringing them in from all parts of the country and feeding them not only physically but spiritually... Thank you Coastal Church for being there.... Pastor Chad will be arriving from Urban Refuge Church on the 17th and I believe with another friend... we will be scouting for facilities to store food to help many organization in Haiti... this is with the connection with Kids Against Hunger... we will be scouting out the Leogane area or something near there for a central location for the south of Haiti... we are looking at having possibly 15,000,000 meals coming in for relief.....
I will then be returning back to Canada on the 8th of Apr... there have been so many teams that are looking to come down to help... I would encourage you to wait till the end of Sept. or Oct.. the rainy season give such extra challenges that re construction is very difficult at that time and the disease situation will make it very dangerous for your health.. I just feel to wait if you can...
I can arrange things for you and contacts if there are those that must go... let me know....
Thank you to all that have sacrificed to help the people of Haiti.. we have a long road ahead but I want you to know that your support is making a difference...
God bless you... Bob & Linda