WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog

WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog
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Sunday, January 31, 2010



Some of the children as they were peaking out of the box of the tap tap as they arrived at church this morning... so precious... we are so great full they are safe...

Peace of Mind Hotel..

First picture is of the hotel from the back.. you can see that it is three stories...

The next picture is at the same angle taken today... you can see that you can only see two stories... the row of windows on the bottom left was where the dinning room was located.. The first level is crushed to about a foot thick..

This is a picture from the front of the hotel and then a front shot taken today...

Mr. Clark's brother said everything started to sway back and forth and then things started coming down.. It only took 7 to 10 seconds and it was flat.....

This is some 40 km. from the EPA center to the north..

We are so thankful that Clark and his wife survived.. They were both inside at the time.. Clark was in a meeting in the lobby and his wife was up in their room.. She said that when she felt things start to shake she tried to run but fell and everything came down. She was rescued with minor cuts and bruises... Unfortunately their niece was killed and a guest that was visiting just to get e-mail messages off their satellite dish was killed also.. apparently she started to run out but turned back to get her lap top and didn't make it out..... Most people had no idea what was happening... and then when it did it all happened so fast... This is where our team would have been staying two weeks later... I spoke with Clark today and he said he is going to rebuild.. There was no insurance... Take care..

Air Canada advisory....

I just got a report that the earliest Air Canada will be flying commercially into Haiti will be the 23rd of Feb...


It was quite a day of hearing stories of miracles that happened to people during the earthquake... of how the ground moved some three feet... how houses were tossed too and fro like paper houses... how people could not stand up because it was so violent.. the sound of the quake was like a helicopter blades coming at a distance then very loud and fast.. most people had no idea what was happening ... how just before the quake a man said he laid face down on the floor a few seconds before the quake and then the quake hit.. when he went to lift his head the cement roof was touching his head and when he tried to lift his foot up his heal touch the cement roof that came down... he was able to crawl out on his belly to safety without any injuries...

I talked with Clark today from the Peace of Mind hotel and he shared with me how when things started to move he ran out of the hotel as he was in the lobby, his wife was in their room... as she tried to run the building was swaying so violently that she fell and then things come crashing down but she was pulled from the rubble with minor injuries... the hotel came down in about 7 seconds.. pictures to follow... We will be in PAP all day tomorrow.. watch for more reports... Bob & Linda


A few of the Canadian troops on patrol in front of our school in Jacmel.. They have been great ambassadors everywhere they go down here.. great job soldiers...

About the schools... on my last report I report the government have canceled school for the remainder of the year... we will still have our schools open for the children to come for a hot meal and we will continue to pay our teachers as they will be helping with the recovery program...

Oh Canada......... Bob & Linda

Saturday, January 30, 2010


So much has happened since my last note.. first I wanted to post a picture of Gord and Jan Zimmer that were so helpful to us in the Dominican... Last night the power came on at 7PM about 1 hr. after dark for about 3 hrs... you could hear a cheer through out the city when the power came on...
We went up to Savanette today early this morning... Don Mowatt is helping us with the water needs of that area.. While the team was working by the spring Tom and I went up to the top where our school is located... picture shows damage to our storage shed but no damage to the school. This was amazing as it is still under construction... There were several houses damaged.. The Voodoo priest was having a service at the time of the quake and he was killed by a cement wall that came down and his wife lost her arm... no one else was injured..

There are so many people starving in the rural mountain areas.. the price of food has gone up in the market making it impossible for them to purchase food... as soon as we get food we will be distributing to the mountain areas...

When I went to the orphanage yesterday the children ran to me screeming with joy... it was such a special moment... there were many tears.. they were asking me about Rebecca and Joanne who stayed with them for two months last fall...

We now have fuel so this helps and the phones are working some of the time which helps...

It was a special time last night to see a church service outside with the street packed with people and to hear the worship was a special time..

We are trying to address a problem as the Dr.'s Without Boarders approached us for help.... they have patients ready to be released but they have no home to go to and have nothing.. we are looking to rent a house or maybe three to help them out.. we can rent for anywhere from $1800. a year to $6000. a year... we need help in this area...

I talked with Dr. Tiffany Keenan tonight and shared with her about a number of nurses that are wanting to come and help.. she asked for them to contact her via e-mail as she is arranging accommodations and a hospital to work in here in Jacmel... the challenge will be to get here.... keenantiffanyj@yahoo.com

We are still a ways away from starting to rebuild... We are making plans and will be starting to organize teams to come in perhaps sometime in May....

The Government has announced that school has been suspended for the year for the whole country of Haiti...

I will get to the down town area tomorrow and report on that and then to PAP on Monday...

Thanks you to each that have made a donation and for covering us in prayers...

Bob & Tom

Friday, January 29, 2010


Just a short note to say that we have arrived in Jacmel.. Phone service is still poor.. Trying to find our contacts.. Cap La Mandou Hotel is open but very limited rooms because of damage.. no rooms available in the city... I have seen many friends already.. Peterson for one that some of you that have been here with me know him... Watch for posts later when I can get on the net... Thanks for your support... Much more will be needed.... Bob & Tom


We have been well looked after here in the Dominican in preparation for our flight into Jacmel today... Gord and his wife have been awesome hosts and will be driving us to Santa Demengo (I'm sure I spelled that wrong) to catch a charter flight to Jacmel.. We are so grateful for this opportunity and can't wait to see our friends in Haiti... I will report back as soon as I can get connected on the internet... Bob & Linda

Thursday, January 28, 2010


As you can imagine I have been getting hundreds of e-mails per day... if you had e-mailed me with a question and I hadn't gotten back to you, please could I get you to resend the message....
Bob & Linda


Dear friends, We have arrived in the Dominican and are being well looked after by Gord Zimmer
who is also a former RCMP officer. There has been a change of plans as the insurance companies have put a $4000. charge to their rates on helicopters to fly into Haiti. This is per trip into Haiti.. This has put a hault to going via helicopter... we are seeking out other ways to get in without driving through PAP, especially on a motor cycle... we are checking with other contacts at this time to find another way in... I will report as soon as I get word... thanks for your prayers... Bob & Tom

Monday, January 25, 2010


Dear friends, All things equal we will be arriving in Jacmel around noon Thursday.. We fly all night to Toronto Tuesday night, Wed. morning and then another flight out of Toronto around 11AM and into Punta Canna, Dominican at 4:30 PM.. We should arrive in Jacmel by about noon the next day...

We got word today that the two containers of food that we had received from Urban Refuge Church and Kids Against Hunger out of Minniapolis was to be released to us today or tomorrow... This is such good news as there are about 580,000 meals in those two containers...
The highway is open between Jacmel and PAP... Watch for photo's and reports in the days to follow ........ We are still in need for financial support.. the need is so huge...

Thanks for all that have sent support and said prayers for the people of Haiti... I am prepared to stay for 2 mons. or until all the containers arrive and all the children and staff have been accounted for...

There have been many calls of people that want to come and help.. This trip will give me a chance to scout out the situation for teams to come in... I understand the commercial airlines are to begin flying into Haiti on about the 9th of Feb.. I will report on my blog when it looks like teams will be able to come in.. Our first priority for teams will be Dr.'s and nurses...
God bless you... Bob & Linda

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Dear friend, You probably caught it on the news that Jacmel is getting aid relief. I have had several organizations contact me here and I have been able to connect them to people on the ground in Jacmel to help get their medical tents and supplies set up.. The Canadian Arm has been a huge help.. they are using our water trucks to help with the desperate water needs.. Food has been arriving from World Food Relief ... One of the biggest needs right now is for fuel so we can run our generators, and fill our trucks so we can deliver food to the mountain areas...

Our travel plans are coming together for Tom Weppler and myself to go to Jacmel. Our friends from West Jet have provided us with our tickets to the Dominican and then friends of ours connected us with a friend of theirs that have a helicopter in the Dominican that will fly us to Jacmel. The helicopter is only costing us the price of the fuel.. This is a huge blessing... We will help with the distribution of food and organizing at that end the receiving of our containers that are being filled here in Canada...

There are so many people that have volunteered their time helping us in getting all this together.. A special thanks to John Devine who has been working tirelessly coordinating the containers...

I was so encouraged by corporations and individuals that did not take advantage of this situation to make money.. A special thanks to West Jet and the man that will be flying us from the Dominican to Jacmel in his helicopter.... This I did not find when trying to make connections to Haiti as the tickets are $1000. each one way from Miami with charter companies... more about that another time...

I will be speaking at the Anglican Church here in Medicine Hat with Rev. Gene Packwood today...

Thank you to each for your support... funds are still needed.. it will be a long process but I can see hope for the people of Haiti... we will rebuild stronger then ever...

God bless you.. Bob & Linda

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Thank you for all your words of encouragement and support.. The need is still so huge.....
I have now been able to make contact with Dr. Tiffany a friend of ours from Canada that helps us with our children and parents at our schools... It was so good to hear from her and to find out she arrived in Jacmel safely...

Some of things that I have been able to find out is that is very difficult to make flight connections.. the road is open between Leoganne to Jacmel but the road is blocked into PAP.. there has been some food and water getting into Jacmel, especially from the Canadian Military.. they have also taken over control of the airport in Jacmel... ... medical support is now getting into Jacmel with hospital tents popping up...

Still no word from out mountain schools, from our PAP and City Solie schools.. Our staff in Diquinni are safe but still no word on a number of the children.. about 2300 we are still waiting to hear from...

There has been a wonderful response to our request for supplies and food to send in our containers to Haiti.. There is so much more needed but this will be a huge help to get started... the first container of food will be ready to ship this coming week.. our friends at Urban Refuge and Evergreen from the Minniapolis area are close to having a container of food ready to ship also.. our friends at Coastal Church in Vancouver and many other churches that I have shared at over the years have been sending support that has been a huge help.... the bank in Jacmel is not open as yet... there is an organizational meeting with the UN today with all the organizations in Jacmel....everyone is still sleeping outside....

There have been many inquiries about giving refuge to the children from our orphanage here in Canada.. we are working on the possibility of bringing the children here.. I will keep you posted after I meet with the minister of Immigration in Haiti... I hope to be in Haiti next week but still waiting for confirmations..

Our staff in Haiti are doing everything possible to help... we had our water trucks supply water to the people of Jacmel until gasoline was impossible to get.... the hope is that the service stations will be open soon.. not sure when the roads will be safe enough to bring in fuel trucks from the port.. we understand that the port is open now...

We are still in need of financial support, food, supplies to rebuild... thank you for all you have done and please pray for all in Haiti... Bob & Linda

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Dear friends, From my previous contact information I had made a typing error..

Our Director of Operations here in Canada for shipping containers of food and supplies to Haiti is"

John Devine.... ph. 403-928-0241 e-mail.... lifelinejohn@hotmail.com

Thanks for all your help... John will have a list of needs and what not to send...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Dear friends and familly,

I am in Jacmel now and I really dont want to tell you all that I go thru in Port Au Prince from the border of Domnican republic to Jacmel. I took a motocycle from the border to Jacmel, a five hours trip, believe me, when I dont see dead bodies on the side of the road I see spots of burned tires. The moto guy told me that's where they have burned bodies that sthank too much.
Its caos, the mountain road to Jacmel become an obtical course, you never know when a load of stones will fall, we had at least 3 of them and the motor guy keep saying he wants to quit. Somethimes I had to give him a raise on the fee we agreed on from the border, so a trip that was going to cost me $110 US ended up costing me $200 US. By the way a gallon of gasoline is about $18 USD. Not at the gaz station because gas station are not open, ...somehow the gaz end up to those on the streets that are making the black market.

Jacmel to me may never be the same and right now I already anticipate more caos, unless somehow something get done. People are getting hungry and there is no water. Yes lots of houses are lost but people have lost family and friend and now they hungry. because we had a ministry base in Jacmel people keep coming and hoping somehow we will have something. All I could tell them is to pray and hopefully God will send some food.
Here is an estimation of domage in Jacmel and its surrounding in the south Est:
DEAD: 356

This estimation is from the UN Multimedia office.

One school called LA TRINITE COLLEGE was crushed with the students in it while in session, it was a three story school. And that school had afternoon sessions. Must of these kids we know them since we used to do special sport program with them.
One Lady was in her house with her two kids and they are crushed.
Me and my familly have lost some people very dear to us.
I have a good friend and from Gonaives who is also a YWAM staff: Illioney St Fleur that has lost his wife in all that. I think they were in Port. I have tried to call him but still cant get him. I have news that he and his daugther is okay. Illioney if you ever read this, I am sorry and I keep imaging that it could have been me, just the thought of that bring too much pain. So I am sorry... I love you bro and we all know that she has run a good race and fight a good fight and now Jesus is welcoming her.
One good friend who was recently the president of Congress: senator Lambert Joseph was under the chamber for two days along with another friend that use to play soccer with me, his name is Stephane. Lambert did survived but Stephane did not.
This is the only cyber place here and I its not a busness, so I have to leave because I just have been ask to., this report may not be that complete and my gramar in it may be very difficult to read since I dont have time to go over it, so good luck reading!
please pass on the message and so people know at lease we alive.

God's blessing, Lubens


I just got word from Pastor Wilbert Placide our director of operations. He is safe and his family.. Word from all our staff is they are safe but still a few we haven't heard from.. Still not phone communication... To summarize they have been receiving some relief help but the need is so overwhelming there isn't enough for everyone.. Over 3/4's of the houses are destroyed in Jacmel.. There are makeshift hospitals set up where people are getting help.. The are still receiving after shocks and people are afraid to go into any buildings even if they appear to be solid..they are still sleeping outside..
........ I just got a message from another friend that the last after shock measured a 6.1 which caused more damage.. It was too much for our Diquinni school which has now sustained damage.. .. half of the 4000 police officers in PAP have been killed.. Several were guys that I knew...

I was scheduled to go in on Monday the 25th and have called all reservations for the team that were going but I feel I will be going in ..... I haven't heard if my ticket with AC is still good or if they can even fly in there by next week... I will have a satellite phone with me to make contact back home... I will post as soon as I hear more...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Relief starting to reach Jacmel

Dear friends, I got word from Danny that they are unloading two planes of supplies that have reached Jacmel.. words cannot describe the urgency of the need in Haiti. Please if you are able to donate to whatever organization that is helping in Haiti, please do so.. For those that know us and the work we have been doing in Haiti for the last number of years please make a donation to our mission in Haiti for emergency relief.. you are able to donate on line on our web site ...www.lifelinehaiti.com.... We have 300 staff on the ground throughout the south part of Haiti.. we need immediate cash relief but also for the needs we will have a month and a year from now.. We are preparing containers of food for immediate need when they can get into the country but also preparing containers with supplies we will need to re build.. for enquiries of what items you can donate towards the containers.. We will have containers set up in Steinback, Winkler, Medicine Hat and Lethbridge.. John Devine is our emergency relief co-ordinator,
lifelinejohn@hotmail.com ... ph.... 403-928-0241... please contact him if you have any questions or where the containers will be located in each of these locations.. Everything is still in the beginning process... one container is being loaded with food at Central in Medicine Hat ....

I have meetings this morning in Manitoba with representatives for about 20 colonies to see how they can help can help .... Charlie, Priscilla and myself will return to Medicine Hat late tonight.

No financial amount is too small ... Government matching for Canada is good till the 12th of Feb.

Still no word on about 23oo children from our schools in different parts of Haiti.. Biggest problem is no phone communication.. We are praying they are all safe... and all our 300 staff and 4300 children in Haiti and the others that we will be able to help because of your giving...
When we are able to get into the other areas of Haiti with have an addition 7500 children that we will be able help that are connected to our organization including all the other people in those areas...
Thank you so much for your help... keep posted for updates..... Bob & Linda

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Monday I will be sharing at a school in Medicine Hat and to a Rotary Club before going to McGregor, Manitoba to meet with several Colonies and Progressive Foods..

We have 300 of our staff on the ground in Haiti helping where ever they can.. We have our two water trucks collecting water at the pumping station and giving water away to all who ask. Each truck holds 1600 gallons.. Fuel is impossible to get and we will have to stop giving this service when the trucks run out of fuel.. Pray that we can keep the trucks running.

The road to PAP from Jacmel apparently has landslides blocking the highway in about 20 locations.

Our friend Danny is on the ground in Jacmel organizing airlifts to bring supplies into Jacmel.

I will not be going into Haiti until the roads are opened. I am much more effective for the people of Haiti by being here to raise funds and organizing containers of food and supplies.

On my last post I shared that our friend Clark was safe.. Clark is the owner of the Peace of Mind Hotel that was destroyed in the earthquake...

Still no phone contact since Friday with Pastor Placide our Director of Operations..

If there are those that are trained medical people that are wanting to go in I can connect you with those on the ground in Haiti to help... These are the people that are needed right now on the ground....

We need your help... go to www.lifelinehaiti.com to make your donation.. Thank you so much to those that have been able to donate... God bless you... Bob & Linda

Clark is safe/Update

Dear friends, I don't have much more info except that I found out this morning our friend Clark and his wife are safe.. They are friends that own the hotel we stay at in Jacmel.. Thank God...
There is food being prepared and will be shipped in the next week to 4 weeks for us from Prairie Gleaners here in Medicine Hat, Progressive Foods out of Edmonton, Urban Refuge and Evergreen Church along with Kids Against Hunger from Minniapolis. There are containers being organized out of Steinback and Winkler, Manitoba. We have over 5000 lbs of cloths donation from a factory in Winnipeg, and some stores. There are so many needs.. See my list on a previous post.

I will be speaking in Lethbridge today at the Free Grace Reform Baptist Church.

Thank you for your prayers and support.. more is needed .... God bless.. Bob & Linda

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Dr. Tiffany and a team will be arriving in Jacmel in the next day or two.. They will be using our schools as hospitals.. SAHAR is safe, who is a friend of ours from Alberta who is a midwife in Haiti. That is such good news... Danny has a couple hundred living at his compound or in the fields around his house... The airport in Jacmel is open for smaller charter flights...

WISNER is safe.. He was going to university in PAP and living in a house we rent there for students..the house was destroyed......he is back in Jacmel...

We still have no word from some areas that we cannot reach by phone as yet in PAP, Basfrontal, Savanette, Camatin, Below, Ausome Pete, Carfour Raymond, Leoganne, ... .
I will post as soon as I hear something.

We are loading a container of food that Prairie Gleans have been dehydrating for us for the last few months along with other supplies..
..For the team that will be sending hospital beds and other supplies for Sarah please contact our Earthquake Relief Co-coordinator John Devine here in Medicine Hat.. e-mail .. lifelinejohn@hotmail.com or ph. 403-928-0241 or 527-5615...

If you are looking for our contacts that will be putting a container together in Steinback or Winkler, just drop me a note..

There is also a couple of containers of food being prepared by Urgan Refuge and Evergreen church in Minniapolis that will be shipped in the next month or two. They are partnered with Kids Against Hunger and are a huge help.... Thank you...

The port in PAP is still closed but by the time we have these containers down there it should be open or close to being open.. There is so much need now but even if it takes a month of two for these containers to get there the need will be just as great...

Thank you for all your calls and words of encouragement... We are still in need of financial support to cover the immediate needs... The bank in Jacmel is suppose to be open of Monday... This way we can wire the money to purchase any food that is available to feed the starving people in the regions we have our schools.. We have 300 staff on the ground there helping where ever possible.. We have 50 churches in Haiti that we support that are in desperate need of help also..

Here is a list and much more that we are in need of ,..... non perishable food, tools, lumber, wheelbarrows, re-bar, cement, batteries, inverters, electrical wire all sizes, con duets, piping for plumbing, pots and pans, kitchen utensils, beds, tables and chairs, all kinds of furniture... vehicles, quads, motor bikes, whatever can fit in a container including smaller school buses. we already have many cases of cloths so I would hold off on that for now until further notice...We are limited to 40,000 lbs per 40 ft. container and everything has to itemized when packed..

. Thanks so much for your prayers...
Because of His amazing grace.......... Bob & Linda

Friday, January 15, 2010


Haiti Earthquake Matching Contributions

hands crying for help

On January 14, 2010, the Government of Canada announced that it will match dollar for dollar contributions of individual Canadians to eligible Canadian charitable organizations in support of humanitarian recovery and reconstruction efforts in Haiti up to a total of $50 million.

Which Donations Will Be Matched?

To qualify for matching, the donations must be:

  • made by an individual Canadian (not a corporation or business) – the donation from an individual may not exceed $100,000;
  • made to a registered Canadian charitable organization that is receiving donations in response to the January 12 Haiti earthquake;
  • specifically earmarked for the purpose of responding to the earthquake; and,
  • made between January 12 and February 12, 2010.

CCCC has confirmed with CIDA that the donations given by individuals to a church that are forwarded to another Canadian registered charity doing the work in Haiti would also be matched. Donations to churches still need to meet the above criteria.

Key facts can be found on CIDA’s website at http://www.acdi-cida.gc.ca/acdi-cida/ACDI-CIDA.nsf/eng/JOS-114185816-W4Y

Declaration of Donations Required

CIDA has advised us that charities will be required to provide a declaration of donations received as part of the matching program. Charities that forward funds to other Canadian registered charities may opt to complete the declaration themselves or request the other charity to include the donation amounts in their documentation to CIDA.

CCCC will provide further details on this declaration as information becomes available.

Allocation of Matched Funds

CIDA will allocate the matched funds on behalf of the Government of Canada. Decisions for funding will be made based on the merits of the proposal and the ability to deliver aid quickly and effectively. The organization will need to have significant in-country capacity to deliver humanitarian and early recovery assistance.


I was able to get through to Haiti via phone for the first time just a few minutes ago. I spoke with Pastor Wilbert Placide who is our Director of operations for our organization.. It was so good to hear his voice. There has been no change as to our previous report with regard to all our students and staff.. Everywhere he has been able to get through by phone everyone is safe.. Still no report as to how all the children are in our three Port au Prince schools. The Diquinni school which is on the west side of PAP is not damaged and the teachers are all safe but still no word from many of the children that attend. The hardest thing is there is no or little contact with phones but we should know more in the next day or two.
Jacmel is very bad.. All our children and staff are accounted for and everyone is safe. The schools in Jacmel and surrounding area are fine but there are many building that are down. Everyone has been told not to go into their homes. All our staff, students and orphans are sleeping out in the fields at night time on or in our vehicles. The road is blocked to PAP but motor cycle tapp tapp's are able to get through.. Miles and Rosemary are trying to leave the country today...
There is an estimated 2 to 3 thousand dead in Jacmel with several thousand injured. There were whole schools in Jacmel that collapsed with all the children and teaches killed. None of these were our schools. Everyone is trying to help dig in the rubble to try to find survivors.
Pastor told me about the Peace of Mind hotel that it is flat. No word about our friends if they survived.

They are starting to run out of water and food. The road is open to the pumping station so we are going to try to get water with our water trucks to bring water into the city to give to the people... we need your help .... please send in donations as soon as possible.. we are starting to pack one container of food from Prairie Gleaners today or tomorrow and hope to ship it in the next week or so..

We are also collecting anything that we can send on another container filled with generators, clothing, lumber, and whatever else people are able to send. I will post that contact information later... Thank you to those that have sent funds in already... Bob & Linda

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Thank you to each of you for your phone calls, e-mails, notes on face book and twitter. Your prayers and words of encouragement have been greatly appreciated.

For those that have sent a donation to help with the relief work, money for food, water, medicine, blankets, etc., thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

It will take some time before we will hear from all of our children but so far over half of the 4300 children have been accounted for. The schools themselves that we got a report on in Diquinni, Chabin, Jacmel, Thiotte and the orphanage in Jacmel (Little Angels of Jacmel) have received no damage.. Any construction that had been partially done in other location received some damage.

Information coming out is limited but no reports so far of deaths with any of our children or staff. There are still reports to come from our Port au Prince school and City Solit schools. The Diquinni school is part of Port au Prince west side, right close to Carfour where the eppa center was located. I have not been able to make any phone contact to date.

Communication is still very difficult if not impossible in the country. It appears the schools further in the mountains only felt the ground shake but received no damage.

For those that have children that they sponsor through Lifeline Haiti all reports are that they are all safe... Nothing came in through the night of any changes..

Please, we ask you to keep them in your prayers as it will be getting much more difficult because of all the injured, the dead bodies on the streets, lack of clean drinking water, the number of prisoners that escaped when the prison collapsed. Pray that medical relief, food and water will arrive quickly.

I will post reports as I get them... Please if you able to make a donation of any size please follow the steps on our web site. Every dollar will make a difference.. www.lifelinehaiti.com then click on... Be A Sponsor ... on the left colum and then our donation page will come up. You can mail in a donate as shown there or click onto CanadaHelps and a page will come up to make a donation on line. Scroll down to find Lifeline Haiti.. 100% of your donation goes to Haiti to our organization and each dollar is accounted for at the end of the day...

For our friends in the States I have posted for you how to make your donation where you can get a tax receipt also. You can also check on Face book or twitter on either Lifeline Haiti or Bob Davisson to find more information .... Thank you so much ...

I will be going back into Haiti on the 25th of Jan. with a team, all things equal...

Because of His amazing grace... Bob & Linda

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Donations from our UNITED STATES FRIENDS

We are set up to receive donations from our friends in the United States and you will receive a tax receipt at the end of the year... All the funds donated will go to relief work in Haiti..

Go to www.gcmediaministries.org (Great Commission Media Ministries) and select the donate button and go to US donations. Designate the gift for Lifeline Haiti. In the box type in Lifeline Haiti......

Thanks so much for making a difference.. Drop me a note if you have any questions..
Bob & Linda


This is an e-mail from friends that are in Haiti helping another mission organization... For your info... Bob

We have a little more info this morning. Dr. Dan Snyder and wife DeeAnn, son James (19) are okay. They drove then walked from their house, the ?4 miles to the mission complex and started digging. The new part of FOHO (4 storey) has completely collapsed. Pastor Jeanne Munos (U.S.) is dead, also presumably the Haitian family that lives there (Allan, Edouanni and 3 year old Vanderlin). The Bible School, school, and Parc Cretien church are gone along with whoever was in them. Jeanne's husband Jack was pulled from the rubble after 6 hours with broken bones but alive. Young Katie Zook (?23) was miraculously pulled from the basement and taken to the UN hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Still no word on our dear Pastor Desvariste, our daughter Medjinah or countless other Haitians we love. The couple that kind of took on our role this winter were working north of PaP. She is fine, he only received lacerations. A work team from U.S. had arrived the day before, spent the night at FOHO and had left for Gonnaives in the north. When the hurricane occurred they turned around and came back to help. The only communication is through the embassies, which themselves have been evacuated. There are no land lines in Haiti and the cell phones are mostly not working now. We have been unable to reach anyone by phone. There was a brief communique from the Holiness missionary there during the quake but we have heard nothing since.
What else can we say? We are heartsick and cannot weep enough tears to wash away the pain. Pray for Doctor Dan as he does what he can. They ar trying to medivac Jack and Katie today.


Some faces of the children effected by the earth quake... All reports so far is they are all safe..
Thank you for your prayers... we need food, medical supplies, water and much more.. to make donations go on site...www.lifelinehaiti.com and click on Be a Supporter and then click on CanadaHelps and scroll onto Lifeline Haiti to make your donation.... Thanks for making a difference.... God bless you... Bob
This is an e-mail from friends that are helping another mission in Haiti
We have a little more info this morning. Dr. Dan Snyder and wife DeeAnn, son James (19) are okay. They drove then walked from their house, the ?4 miles to the mission complex and started digging. The new part of FOHO (4 storey) has completely collapsed. Pastor Jeanne Munos (U.S.) is dead, also presumably the Haitian family that lives there (Allan, Edouanni and 3 year old Vanderlin). The Bible School, school, and Parc Cretien church are gone along with whoever was in them. Jeanne's husband Jack was pulled from the rubble after 6 hours with broken bones but alive. Young Katie Zook (?23) was miraculously pulled from the basement and taken to the UN hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Still no word on our dear Pastor Desvariste, our daughter Medjinah or countless other Haitians we love. The couple tRemove Formatting from selectionhat kind of took on our role this winter were working north of PaP. She is fine, he only received lacerations. A work team from U.S. had arrived the day before, spent the night at FOHO and had left for Gonnaives in the north. When the hurricane occurred they turned around and came back to help. The only communication is through the embassies, which themselves have been evacuated. There are no land lines in Haiti and the cell phones are mostly not working now. We have been unable to reach anyone by phone. There was a brief communique from the Holiness missionary there during the quake but we have heard nothing since.
What else can we say? We are heartsick and cannot weep enough tears to wash away the pain. Pray for Doctor Dan as he does what he can. They ar trying to medivac Jack and Katie today.


Just got a report from Pastor Placide that he just got through to Daniel our principal of our Diquinni school. This school is right next to Carfour where the eppa center of the earth quake.
We just completed construction of this school and we are so great full to report that it sustained no damage. We are still waiting for reports from several of our other schools but so far no reports of damage or injuries... Please continue to pray for more miracles... Thank you for making a difference... please go to www.lifelinehaiti.com to make a donation... We have 300 staff ready to be mobilized to help feed the people as we can raise the funds to purchase food....


My Brother,praise the Lord we are now back from PAP.Thanks to God.We have met some of the people that we were supposed to meet through the Senator.It looks very much that we should get the containers by this coming Friday but unfortunately with regard to all the troubles now in the country concerning the earth quake ,some many offices are destroyed so this situation may delay the process. On my way to Jacmel a big beam fall on the Nissan truck and also the wind shield is completely destroyed.The road to Jacmel is cut in so many areas so we may not be able to go to PAP for quite a while. Please pray for the Senator Lambert who is helping us to get the containers out of the customs for while he was at his office yesterday the senate collapse and he was there for the whole night.He came out this morning with the help od the UN but his arm is damaged. The building of Thiotte is fine,Jacmel and Chabin are fine also. I don't hear from Dioquini yet as there is no signal. the orphanage building is fine and all the kids are safe.I have to let some one else use the computer as I don't have signal home,I'll talk to you later.



For our friends from the States you can donate on line by going to:

Go to www.gcmediaministries.org (Great Commission Media Ministries) and select the donate button and go to US donations. Designate the gift for Lifeline Haiti.

Thank you so much for making a difference...
Bob & Linda

UW students - engineers without borders- Safe

I just got word that the students from the States that are there with engineers without boarders are not in PAP and are safe... This came in from Kathy Roberg... Still no word from our mission..



Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Catastrophic earthquake hits Haiti

As you have probably heard a catastrophic earth quake hit Haiti along with several after shocks..
I heard of it when I got off my flight from the west coast into Calgary late this afternoon.. I am unable to get through to any of our staff but got a call from Pastor Chad from the Sates with some news that he got.. I will post more as I get the news but this is what I have found out so far.. The EPA center of the quake was close to our Diquinni school on the west side of PAP. It was just being completed and was built under the new guidelines the Government set up.. We are praying it was not damaged.. Fortunately the earthquake hit after the children were out of school.. We have three schools in PAP and are praying everyone is safe. With the quake to the north of Jacmel we were hoping there were no effects in Jacmel but we were wrong. From what news Chad picked up it rocked Jacmel very hard.. The down town is damaged to a greater extent then the hurricanes caused in 2008... Danny's orphanage started to shake and walls started cracking and the children got anxious as they were afraid it would collapse so some jumped off the second floor balcony.. Unfortunately a couple of them broke their ankle.. The building did not collapse... when they took the children to the hospital they found the hospital in Jacmel had been destroyed by the earthquake and could not get help.. They have them back to the house and are trying to cope..

The roads will be blocked from slides coming down the mountains and their supply of food will be cut off.. Our 20 schools and 4300 children with our 300 staff will be out of food in the next day or two.. We need you help... Please donate on line by going to our web..
www.lifelinehaiti.com and click on ... Be a Sponsor ..
.....and then click on the sign that says donate on line CanadaHelps and then scroll down to Lifeline Haiti to make you donation to buy food, water, medicine, and to help re build.. You can also donate by sending a cheque as it explains on this page..Please pray for all of us.... We are asking churches to mobilize and help...if everyone helps even a little it will make a huge difference... We have the staff ready to be mobilize to help when we are able to have to funds to purchase what we need to help the people of Haiti ... God bless you.. Pastor Bob

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

West Coast from the 7th - 12th Jan.2010

I will have the honor to perform the wedding of Jules Maljaars and Jeremy Van Woerden on Friday Jan.8... Jules has been to Haiti several times and is our assistant director of operations for our Savanette school. Pictures of the wedding to follow....
I will be speaking at Pastor Dave Koop's church, Coastal Church down town Vancouver. Service at 7PM Sat. the 9th, Sun. 8AM , 10AM and 12:30PM... Thank you to each for making a difference in the lives of the children of Haiti... Be blessed... Bob & Linda

Friday, January 1, 2010


As we leave to the past 2009 and look to the promise of 2010… I Pray, the Lord would bless and keep you; that His face would enlighten you; that He would be kind…always increasing favor upon you, and smile upon you giving you an abundance of peace. Have a Blessed and Prosperous New Year!

Bob is a former RCMP officer of 15 yrs. postings in Vernon, Kamloops City, Kamloops Rural, Kamloops Sub/Div. Police Service Dog Section, Depot Div. Firearms section and Program Development.

After his years in the Mounties, Bob & his wife Linda were the owner/operator's of the McDonald's Restaurant in Swift Current, Sask. for 18 yrs.

Bob has had the privilege to represent Canada in 3 different world championships. He pitched for Canada in the Junior World Baseball Championships in Cuba. Police Combat Championships in Jackson Mississippi and Olympic discipline Pistol in Free Pistol and Air Pistol in Caracus Venezuela. An interesting point is that Bob pitched in an exhibition game with Fidel Castro pitching on the other team.

After many years with lung problems, Bob was diagnosed with a lung tumor in the spring of 1984. For Bob this was a death sentence.

His desire was to be struck by a train. To give himself a painless and seemingly accidental death. To relieve himself of his tired and diseased body. Instead he was struck by the Hand of God. And because of a vision and a healing so extraordinary, so wonderful, he's now making plans to live forever..

Bob speaks of his spiritual and physical redemption. Of how his lost, and unbelieving soul became found in the love of God.

After Bob & Linda retired in 2000 they moved to and now live in Medicine Hat, Ab. Bob is founder and president of Glory Bound Ministries. In 2007 Bob also founded and is president of Lifeline Haiti. He has ministered in over 20 countries around the world. His main mission field is Haiti providing schools, education, food and basic needs for the children of Haiti. At the present time they have 20 schools in 15 locations with 4300 students and another 30 locations with 7500 children waiting to start schools when the finances are raised. More to follow!! Praise the Lord!! God bless you... Bob & Linda