WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog

WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog
(TO SEE OUR WEB SITE CLICK ON THE ABOVE PICTURE) Lifeline Haiti and Bridges of Hope exists to promote poverty relief and community empowerment within nations of the world. This mission is achieved in cooperation with Governments, donor organizations and individuals. Implementation is accomplished in cooperation with local business & Spiritual Leaders, individuals, & indigenous organizations within the region of operation and by building the capacity of these partners. The goal is to build the assets of these partners to become sustainable and reproducing agents and transition from beneficiaries to benefactors.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Letters to Haiti for your sponsored Child.

Update on sending letters for those that have sponsored children in Haiti through our organization.

Please to be sure to put your sponsored child's name or number at the bottom left of your envelope and please make sure to put your return address on the envelope as I will bring back the replies when I come back from my Jan. trip. _ _Please DO NOT send money to Haiti.__ _ IF you would like to give a gift I would recommend to send $30. to our office here in Canada to the address shown at top of this page. Please put a note with it for what it is for. I will then send it down to cover the cost of feeding all the child's classmates for the day. Your child will be advised and all the other children will know if was a gift from you. With 2700 students at 15 schools it is difficult to give a child a gift without something for the others.
We have a motto: __ "one for all and all for one" __ this way no one gets left out.

You will receive a Tax Receipt for all donations.

I will be fund raising all this week through Red Deer, Edmonton and Slave Lake. I will be speaking at the Full Gospel Church with Pastor Sid Chalmer in Slave Lake on Sun. Dec. 7th.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Making a difference.. one child at a time... Just $1. per day

This little guy is from Jacmel. He is in grade one. His name is Roodmael Pierre Noel, 7 yrs. old and in grade 1. He lives with his mother, 3 sisters and one brother. His favorite color is red and he dreams of being a doctor.
This is Jean Eddy Deluce, He was born on 09/10/00 and lives with his parents, 1 sister and 4 brothers. His favorite color is white and he dreams of being a teacher.
This is Wolvens Desineau DOB 04/01/00. He is in grade one also in Jacmel. He lives with both of his parents and his favorite color is brown. He dreams of being a chauffeur one day.
This little guy is Ronald Lucien and he is 6 yrs. old. He is also in grade one in Jacmel. He lives with his parents and one brother. His favorite color is green and he dreams of being a singer.


Children needing sponsors ONLY $1. per day

This little girl is from Jacmel. She goes to our Jacmel school and she is in grade one. Her name is Neila Sourvenir, DOB: 5/06/02, She has both of her parents along with 1 sister. Her favorite color is red and she dreams of being a teacher.
This little girl is from Jacmel and she is also in grade one. Her name is Mirlene Celestin DOB: 3/07/00. She has both of her parents along with 1 brother and 2 sisters. Her favorite color is green and she dreams to be a doctor.
This little girls is also from Jacmel and in grade one. Her name is Ruth Lafond DOB: 28/08/01 She has both of her parents along with 1 brother and 3 sisters. Her favorite color is red and she dreams of being a lawyer.
This is Elca Clerge born in 2002. She is in grade 1 and has 2 brothers and both parents. Her favorite color is grey and she dreams to be a lawyer.

Please help make a difference... one child at a time...
Contact info on first page. Together we can make a difference.....

Transporting our High School Teachers to Chabin

With our first year of grade 7 we found a problem of getting our teachers to the school in Chabin. With high school each teacher just teaches one subject and have to get back to the city to teach at another school. This has solved the problem with the purchase of three motor bikes. This not only solves this problem but it give employment to three young men. These bikes will each bring in an income for the schools of $10. H. per day on school days and $35.H. per day on week-end days and holidays. This translates to $3.75 U.S. during the week and $12. U.S. per day during week-ends and holidays. Total will be approx. $3000. per year which will pay for approx. 18,000 meals for the children. Watch for posting of children in need of sponsors.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fundraising trip West Coast, Calgary & Neilburg, Sask.

I will be in Abbatsford, Chilliwack, B.C. and Calgary, Ab. & Neilburg, Sask. from the 17th to the 24th. giving presentations to organizations and churches interested in helping the children in Haiti. You may reach me via e-mail or my cell. # 403-502-5925.

I have been getting many equiries from those interest in going with me on a short term mission trip in Jan..

I encourage you if you are interested, please contact me as soon as possible.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Join me on a short term mission trip Jan13-27/09

Here is a great opportunity for you to join me on a short term mission trip that will be an experience of a life time. You will get an opportunity to see the impact that is happening with making a difference, one child at a time. You will get to visit some of our 15 schools, see some of the most beautiful places in the world, and meet some of the most beautiful people on earth. Plan early as you may need some shots from the health department before the trip, and your pass port. Contact me if you are interested and for more details. We will be limited for space so please book early. E-mail me at: lifelinehaiti@gmail.com

Friday, November 7, 2008

Chabin Video/Children of Chabin singing.

ON THE ROAD THIS WEEK-END/Assiniboia/Rock Glen, Sask.

I will be traveling to Assiniboia, Sask. on Saturday to minister at the Full Gospel Church at 11AM Sunday morning and then to Rock Glen Church for a 2 PM service. If you need to reach me to find out the locations of the churches e-mail -


I have been getting calls of concern today from many people about the news of a two story school collapsing today in Haiti near the city of Port au Prince. The report says there were 7o0 children in the school at the time of the collapse. We thank God it is not one of our schools but we are praying for miracles to come out of this disaster.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Our Chabin Schools a half hour drive to the north of Jacmel

This was where started our first school with 81 children in Jan. of 06. This year is our first year of high school with 89 children in grade 7. We will be adding grades each year up to grade 13.
We have 400 children attending these schools with 52 adults attending in the afternoons.

Our Jacmel location.

At our Jacmel location we only have room for 190 students. We also have 50 adult students attending in the afternoons and 38 Bible school students attending in the evenings.

Raymond school destroyed by hurricanes.

This is the house they are able to rent for the school in Raymond for this year. It is very small but they will make it work. This is a big help for the 125 children that able to attend. Thank you Miles & Rosemary.

Camatin and Basfrontal Schools

The Camatin school is about 10 miles to the north of our Chabin location along the road to the north of Jacmel on the way to PAP. This school is a school that we are helping as best we can with feeding the children and paying the teachers. An organization out of the States is re organizing and hoping to be able to have funds available to look after all the costs. In the mean time the support we have been able to give has allowed the school to stay open.
Basfrontal is a remote area about an hours drive from Jacmel. We have 200 children attending at this time.

Thiotte school close to the Dominican boarder.

We have just finished the first level of this school where we have 380 children attending. It is built so we can add another level to accommodate another 200 children the the future. When we are able to travel the south roads to this location it takes us about 6 and a half hours to drive the 70 miles. The roads are still washed out from the hurricanes so we have to travel the north rough through PAP and along the Dominican boarder to get to Thiotte.

Carrefour Raymond and Savanette schools

Carrefour Raymond school is located to the east of Jacmel on the way to Savanette. This is a school we hope to be able to help. They have 180 children that attend school. We are trying to find a sponsor for this school. Contact me if your church or business is interested.
Savanette is a long hike into the mountains towards the Dominican boarder from Jacmel. This is the school that Jules has adopted and will be doing the fundraising to support the construction of a new school and sponsorship of the children. You can contact Jules through me if you are wanting to help. We have 280 children attending this school.

Leogane and Port au Prince (Diquinni) Schools

This is our Leoganne school where we have at present 150 children. We rent a house at this time to house the school until we are able to build a school. The Gospel Mission Team sponsors this school.
This is our Port au Prince (Diquinni) region with 135 students. We are still in a temporary building. We have purchased land for our new school and hope to start construction next year. When this school is complete we hope to be able to build a high school.

Bassin Blue school will have 300 children attending.

Bassin Blue is in one of the most beautiful regions of Haiti. We are partnering with Danny with this school. Danny's schedule is so full with re locating his orphanage and construction of his school in Raymond. We hope to have this school open for Sept./09. This school will help 300 children when completed.

Making a difference one school at a time. Our Belo School

I will be posting throughout the day today (6th Nov.) with our 15 schools in 12 locations. This is our latest school in Belo. There are 438 children attending. The organization that was helping with this school is unable to help any further. We have taken then on in hopes of raising the funds needed to pay the teachers and feed the children. Eventually with supplying the books, uniforms, clean drinking water, medicine and much more.... Contact me if your church or business is interested in partnering with us to take on this project.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Amazing changes over the last 3 yrs.

This month will be 3 yrs. since my first trip into Haiti. This photo's are from the markets in Port au Prince.
There use to be piles of garbage everywhere but today it is so much cleaner.

You can see a red roof in the background. These are shelters for the market place that was put up by the country of Venezuela.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Only way to get into some of our locations

The only way into some of our school locations was on this dirt bike. Even with this it was a challenge. It looks like it could take months if not years to get those roads open to trucks after the destruction from the hurricanes.