WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog

WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog
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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Dear friends... we are all doing well considering... something that I continually see is the effect the quake has had on the people with fear of another one.... this photo is an example of people that check into the Hotel in Jacmel, that did receive some damage from the quake but some of the hotel is being rented out... even though they have a room they sleep in tents because of the trauma....
I was talking with some of the military today and they have been informed by the seismologists that they are expecting the next big one by the 21st. of Feb..... hopefully they are wrong... I have set up an alarm system in my room in case of something quite strong... I have set a stainless steel bowl that I have on the side of the end table just balancing on the edge.. it would fall to the floor with quite a crash if the room starts shaking and wake me up .... just my little alarm system for night time... a tremor woke me up last night and it just felt like the ground shake when a train goes by... no trains here so I knew that wasn't what it was.... the lady in the picture is Nicole who is with an organization called Save the Children... she is Haitian and lived through the quake...
They are doing a tremendous work down here.... we have secured a tent for our orphanage... the ones that we do have are very small and not very strong... I'll post pictures when we get it set up.... we have a vehicles secured for doing deliveries of food and supplies to the mountains from the UN humanitarian division... I don't know how many days we will have a truck and driver but everyday is a huge help... costs of things, especially for rentals have gone up here so much.. a pick up truck is now $200. per day U.S... a generator is $65. plus gas per day.... we are hoping for our containers to be released this week.... stay tuned.... Bob

Something that has never happened here in Haiti before is that they have canceled all the VooDoo celebrations that normally happen this time of year.... they have instead allow us and another denomination hold revival meetings each night for the whole week... the streets have been blocked off to accomodate... there is such a cry out to God of repentance..... it is amazing to be here and see this....

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