WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog

WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog
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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Dear friends... plans were changed today but all looks good for tomorrow to get the containers of food... When we were PAP yesterday, Tom ate something that didn't agree with him and been down all day.... just talked to him on the phone and he is up eating soda crackers and sprite.. he's on the mend... I have hundreds of bits on me that are really itchy.. they haven't figured it out what it is but they say it is something that I could have picked up from the children.. could be from the mosquitoes and or the little red aunts.....

We have been getting rain the last few nights.. when you look at the pictures you will see the temporary homes they put together don't have much for protection from the rain.. These pictures were taken in the Diquinni are right close to our school.. some of them would be the homes of some of the children that attend our school...

It has been reported that the water here has ecoli in it.. this is not only the town water but the water in the ocean.. the people are not to bath in it or swim in the ocean..

We have connected with teams of Dr.'s here that will be going into the areas we have our schools in the next few days.... I will post tomorrow night when we get back from PAP.... Tom hopefully will be well enough to go with a team of Dr.'s tomorrow.... The little boy at the top is one of our children that attended our Diquinni school.. He still has a smile even after all of the destruction.... God bless you... Bob & Tom

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