WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog

WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Dear friends, A second day in PAP.. sometimes it is one step forward and a couple steps back.. but things are coming together... as a result of today it is working out that we are going to be getting both containers of food, this time will be released Wed... means another trip to PAP.. make for a long day with about 12 hrs. there and back along with the meetings.. Today the city was much busier.. Just after Leogann there was a traffic jam and we could see that people had blocked the road and a huge crowd was forming.. this is always a bad situation and can get very violent but the UN arrived before any violence broke out and we eventually got through.. we also met a contact on this trip that charters flight from the Dominican into PAP and Jacmel and when he returns to the Dominican the fair is very low so it will give Tom an option getting out around the 9th. with out having to pay a huge fee... we saw several food lines while in PAP and all appeared orderly.. food and water is getting through to the larger centers but the area we got held up in seemed to be getting very little... we hope to purchase a large truck with a cube box on the back for securing the food to the mountain areas.. we should have our containers unloaded in the next day or two at our Chabin location and then distribute from there to all our school locations, helping all the children and their families... Tom will be putting his paramedic training to work as he will be working with a team of Dr.'s and nurses tomorrow to the east of Jacmel.. I will be going to PAP for the 3rd. day straight to receive the containers of food... This is food sent to us by Urban Rufuge and Kids Against Hunger... phones are still up and down and the Internet is still sparse... the power is on in Jacmel from 7PM to 11PM... We have had rain the last two nights making it very difficult for those in make shift tents... they are by the thousands, especially in Leoganne and Port au Prince.. Jacmel as well...
The picture above is of a little boy having a cracker at our Diquinne location which is on the west edge of PAP.... sorry I don't have more time.. I want to post some pictures of what I saw the last couple of days... Thanks to each one for your prayers and financial support.... Bob & Tom

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