WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog

WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog
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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Dear friends,... thanks for your prayers and support... you have been following the frustrations we have been experiencing... I posted at the beginning of the week that we are expecting a good week... it has been more then good with everything that has been coming together... our containers have been released and we are going with 4 large truck to pick up the food ... there was a firing over this... someone was looking for a bribe but got fired instead...
I was in the mountains at our Chabin location and hiked about 5 hrs. meeting with the families and children of our school... there were many surprised looks when I showed up with lots of tears and laughing... pictures are of a home of a couple standing in front of their house.... there was one death in the region when a house collapsed but we didn't know the man... there are many of the houses damaged to where they will have to be rebuilt... they are hungry but doing well.... the trenches are for the base prepared for the wall going around the front of our property in Chabin.. there is about 200 yards trenched so far.... this will help secure where we will be securing our containers that will be coming in in the next few months... also with the cinder block plant that should be all together in the next couple of months.... one of the pictures of is some of the children on Chabin mountain... I got to see about 200 of our 430 children...from our Chabin school.... there is something about expecting... it has been an awesome week... go into your day expecting something good is going to happen and give God the Praise.... Bob

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