WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog

WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Dear friends and familly,

I am in Jacmel now and I really dont want to tell you all that I go thru in Port Au Prince from the border of Domnican republic to Jacmel. I took a motocycle from the border to Jacmel, a five hours trip, believe me, when I dont see dead bodies on the side of the road I see spots of burned tires. The moto guy told me that's where they have burned bodies that sthank too much.
Its caos, the mountain road to Jacmel become an obtical course, you never know when a load of stones will fall, we had at least 3 of them and the motor guy keep saying he wants to quit. Somethimes I had to give him a raise on the fee we agreed on from the border, so a trip that was going to cost me $110 US ended up costing me $200 US. By the way a gallon of gasoline is about $18 USD. Not at the gaz station because gas station are not open, ...somehow the gaz end up to those on the streets that are making the black market.

Jacmel to me may never be the same and right now I already anticipate more caos, unless somehow something get done. People are getting hungry and there is no water. Yes lots of houses are lost but people have lost family and friend and now they hungry. because we had a ministry base in Jacmel people keep coming and hoping somehow we will have something. All I could tell them is to pray and hopefully God will send some food.
Here is an estimation of domage in Jacmel and its surrounding in the south Est:
DEAD: 356

This estimation is from the UN Multimedia office.

One school called LA TRINITE COLLEGE was crushed with the students in it while in session, it was a three story school. And that school had afternoon sessions. Must of these kids we know them since we used to do special sport program with them.
One Lady was in her house with her two kids and they are crushed.
Me and my familly have lost some people very dear to us.
I have a good friend and from Gonaives who is also a YWAM staff: Illioney St Fleur that has lost his wife in all that. I think they were in Port. I have tried to call him but still cant get him. I have news that he and his daugther is okay. Illioney if you ever read this, I am sorry and I keep imaging that it could have been me, just the thought of that bring too much pain. So I am sorry... I love you bro and we all know that she has run a good race and fight a good fight and now Jesus is welcoming her.
One good friend who was recently the president of Congress: senator Lambert Joseph was under the chamber for two days along with another friend that use to play soccer with me, his name is Stephane. Lambert did survived but Stephane did not.
This is the only cyber place here and I its not a busness, so I have to leave because I just have been ask to., this report may not be that complete and my gramar in it may be very difficult to read since I dont have time to go over it, so good luck reading!
please pass on the message and so people know at lease we alive.

God's blessing, Lubens

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