WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog

WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Some faces of the children effected by the earth quake... All reports so far is they are all safe..
Thank you for your prayers... we need food, medical supplies, water and much more.. to make donations go on site...www.lifelinehaiti.com and click on Be a Supporter and then click on CanadaHelps and scroll onto Lifeline Haiti to make your donation.... Thanks for making a difference.... God bless you... Bob
This is an e-mail from friends that are helping another mission in Haiti
We have a little more info this morning. Dr. Dan Snyder and wife DeeAnn, son James (19) are okay. They drove then walked from their house, the ?4 miles to the mission complex and started digging. The new part of FOHO (4 storey) has completely collapsed. Pastor Jeanne Munos (U.S.) is dead, also presumably the Haitian family that lives there (Allan, Edouanni and 3 year old Vanderlin). The Bible School, school, and Parc Cretien church are gone along with whoever was in them. Jeanne's husband Jack was pulled from the rubble after 6 hours with broken bones but alive. Young Katie Zook (?23) was miraculously pulled from the basement and taken to the UN hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Still no word on our dear Pastor Desvariste, our daughter Medjinah or countless other Haitians we love. The couple tRemove Formatting from selectionhat kind of took on our role this winter were working north of PaP. She is fine, he only received lacerations. A work team from U.S. had arrived the day before, spent the night at FOHO and had left for Gonnaives in the north. When the hurricane occurred they turned around and came back to help. The only communication is through the embassies, which themselves have been evacuated. There are no land lines in Haiti and the cell phones are mostly not working now. We have been unable to reach anyone by phone. There was a brief communique from the Holiness missionary there during the quake but we have heard nothing since.
What else can we say? We are heartsick and cannot weep enough tears to wash away the pain. Pray for Doctor Dan as he does what he can. They ar trying to medivac Jack and Katie today.


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