WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog

WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Catastrophic earthquake hits Haiti

As you have probably heard a catastrophic earth quake hit Haiti along with several after shocks..
I heard of it when I got off my flight from the west coast into Calgary late this afternoon.. I am unable to get through to any of our staff but got a call from Pastor Chad from the Sates with some news that he got.. I will post more as I get the news but this is what I have found out so far.. The EPA center of the quake was close to our Diquinni school on the west side of PAP. It was just being completed and was built under the new guidelines the Government set up.. We are praying it was not damaged.. Fortunately the earthquake hit after the children were out of school.. We have three schools in PAP and are praying everyone is safe. With the quake to the north of Jacmel we were hoping there were no effects in Jacmel but we were wrong. From what news Chad picked up it rocked Jacmel very hard.. The down town is damaged to a greater extent then the hurricanes caused in 2008... Danny's orphanage started to shake and walls started cracking and the children got anxious as they were afraid it would collapse so some jumped off the second floor balcony.. Unfortunately a couple of them broke their ankle.. The building did not collapse... when they took the children to the hospital they found the hospital in Jacmel had been destroyed by the earthquake and could not get help.. They have them back to the house and are trying to cope..

The roads will be blocked from slides coming down the mountains and their supply of food will be cut off.. Our 20 schools and 4300 children with our 300 staff will be out of food in the next day or two.. We need you help... Please donate on line by going to our web..
www.lifelinehaiti.com and click on ... Be a Sponsor ..
.....and then click on the sign that says donate on line CanadaHelps and then scroll down to Lifeline Haiti to make you donation to buy food, water, medicine, and to help re build.. You can also donate by sending a cheque as it explains on this page..Please pray for all of us.... We are asking churches to mobilize and help...if everyone helps even a little it will make a huge difference... We have the staff ready to be mobilize to help when we are able to have to funds to purchase what we need to help the people of Haiti ... God bless you.. Pastor Bob

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