WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog

WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog
(TO SEE OUR WEB SITE CLICK ON THE ABOVE PICTURE) Lifeline Haiti and Bridges of Hope exists to promote poverty relief and community empowerment within nations of the world. This mission is achieved in cooperation with Governments, donor organizations and individuals. Implementation is accomplished in cooperation with local business & Spiritual Leaders, individuals, & indigenous organizations within the region of operation and by building the capacity of these partners. The goal is to build the assets of these partners to become sustainable and reproducing agents and transition from beneficiaries to benefactors.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Water purification systems are still needed...Received a report from New York with
the following information.....If you feel you can help with funds to purchase some
of these desperately needed water purification systems, please drop me an e-mail and
I will give you instructions how you can help....Check out their web site when you
get a chance...It works out to less than .02 cents per gallon of purified water...
This will save thousands of lives.....The cholera has spread to the south of Haiti
and we understand it is in all the rivers, streams and sea.....
Bob & Linda

A Better World is a New York-based organization which serves the public in a few different ways, from weekly educational, community radio and TV shows to offering high-quality products to support both health and the environment.
We are registered as a supplier to UNICEF and other United Nations Agencies. Our Vendor # is 187358.

We are pleased to now be offering what we feel are cost-effective solutions to providing clean water to the people of Haiti and other areas where clean water is scarce but much needed.

We are working with two Non Profit Agencies, Haitian People's Support Project (http://www.haitiansupportproject.org) and Lifeline Haiti (www.lifelinehaiti.com), in order to prevent Cholera in the schools and orphanages they operate throughout Haiti. Some rural locations do not have Medical Clinics in the event Cholera is diagnosed. Your purchase of a Water Filter on behalf of both Agencies is tax deductible.

Haitian People's Support Project started in 1990 and they have 14 locations providing services to 300 children. Lifeline Haiti started 2007 and have 51 locations providing services to 13,000 children. Both the Jerrycan and Personal Water Filter Bottle will eliminate bacteria, cysts, fungi, pesticides, heavy metals, parasites, viruses (including H1NI and Cholera) and all other microbiological water-borne contaminants and pathogens without the use of Chlorine, Iodine or any other chemicals. These represent a real breakthrough in portable, cost-efficient, water filtration technology.

Waterlocked Village In Haiti Battles Cholera With Clean Water (Video)

The Jerrycan will produce 20,000 Gallons of safe, sterile drinking water. The Retail Price is $449.
We are offering it to Relief Agencies for $399

Special Offer For Relief Agencies
15,000 Gallon Jerrycan for $199

The Water Bottle will provide 6,000 Liters of safe, sterile drinking water.
The Retail Price is $229 We are offering it to Relief Agencies for $159
Additional Technical Information is available at our Website
Ed Koster,
Coordinator (914) 886-8505

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