WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog

WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog
(TO SEE OUR WEB SITE CLICK ON THE ABOVE PICTURE) Lifeline Haiti and Bridges of Hope exists to promote poverty relief and community empowerment within nations of the world. This mission is achieved in cooperation with Governments, donor organizations and individuals. Implementation is accomplished in cooperation with local business & Spiritual Leaders, individuals, & indigenous organizations within the region of operation and by building the capacity of these partners. The goal is to build the assets of these partners to become sustainable and reproducing agents and transition from beneficiaries to benefactors.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Early this morning the New Orleans barge arrived in Jacmel.. this is the one we had tried to get a shipment of food on it from Medicine Hat... the problem was the U.S. would not allow us to transport the food through the States even if the container was locked to put it on the barge to Haiti... It is good to see it arrive as there are many supplies needed by other Non Government Organizations working in this area..... Sarah has a container on this barge for her Birth Clinic for Midwives... this is an unusual move as there is no facilities to unload a barge here in Jacmel but this barge has it's own cranes ..... they are planning on another shipment in a couple of months... this is through an organization called Make It Right.... WHILE POSTING THIS I FOUND OUT FROM ONE OF THE REPORTERS THAT THIS BARGE IS FROM VENEZUELA AND THE NEW ORLEANS BARGE IS ANCHORED OUTSIDE THE BAY WAITING ON THIS ONE TO UNLOAD FIRST... It is the Venezuelan army that has taken over at the airport from our Canadian military.... this is so typical when trying to get anything done down here... one road block after another... try and try again and never give up and you will succeed....
It is wrap up day for me today as I leave for Port au Prince tomorrow morning for my flight back to Canada... I overnight in Montreal and arrive in Medicine Hat at about 3PM Wed... THANK YOU FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE....
Bob & Linda

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