WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog

WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog
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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Children doing chores after school...

On Friday after school I met up with these girls from the Chabin region. I asked how far they had to go for the water and they pointed down to the river. It looks to be well over a mile with a very steep grade. They collected the wood along the way to make a fire to cook supper. Did you notice the girl on the right is not wearing shoes. The rocks here a sharp and lots of thorns on the trails. We have a huge need for shoes for the children.
The team left for home this morning. They were such a huge blessing to our staff and all the children.
I have staff meetings today and a funeral this afternoon. We will be going to some of our schools on Monday to take pictures of children that are needing sponsors. Tuesday before I fly out of PAP we will be going to our Diquinni school and City Solie school. We have to raise $1,020. for the books needed in City Solie before we can open the school. We are in the same situation in 4 of our other schools. Thank you to all that have helped make this labor of love possible......

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bridey said...

Bob and crew at Life Line. I have been sharing your website with friends and family and trusting that God will use it for HIS glory and good purposes. Praise God for all the work that you are doing to help and love the Haitian people. Thank You for taking dear care our our family from Urban Refuge and Evergreen!
Bridey Asher ( wife of Tony Asher)