WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog

WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog
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Friday, May 15, 2009

Where does the time go!!

Just a short note to reflect on the week. I will have pictures posted from the trip next week. Our director of operations brother in law passed away last week and his funeral was on Sun. afternoon. He was Sister Placides brother, a high school teacher. He was 40 yrs. old and died of complications from liver problems. There was well over 600 people at the funeral. I find the people here are so expressive with their grieving with wailing, fainting, & loud cries of sorrow. He will be missed.
We were not able to get to the outlying schools because of the high rivers with the rains that we have been getting this week. The exhilaration of joy expressed by the children at the schools that we did visit was breathtaking. HAND OF PROTECTIONS: We went to Port au Prince on Wednesday and something that I have never seen in my times in Haiti occurred on the road between Jacmel and the turn off to PAP. About one hour after we went through one of the villages in the mountain on the way to PAP the police were there to arrest a local man. As they took him away the community was very upset so they set up a road block with large rocks and trees and stopped all traffic on the highway. When vehicles came up to the roadblock they smashed out the windows with rocks. The UN was called in to put out the fuse and by the time we came back through all was calm. Parts of the road block was still up but there was a path to get through and the large crowd that was there didn't do anything to cause damage to our vehicle or ourselves. This is very unusual, especial for the south region of Haiti. We thank God for His Hand of Protection.
On Thursday night we had a meeting that Dr. Tiffany from Canada bringing together organizations that are working in the Jacmel area. This was a start to have organization to get to know what each other is doing and how we can network to be more effective.
I fly out Sat. afternoon and back in the Hat Sunday afternoon. Thank you to each that have made the work in Haiti possible with your financial support and your prayers. There is still so much to be done. Thank you for making a difference.... one child at a time... Bob & Linda

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