WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog

WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog
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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Well worth the drive!!

We packed up the team for their trip back to Canada on Tuesday morning. Along the way to the airport we visited with Government officials from Haiti. After dropping the team off at the airport we visited our City Solite location. There were no incidents but you could feeel the tention from a couple of x gang members. You could tell as they had bullet hole scars and mission limbs. Thee were only a few that were not friendly. It was heart wrenching to see what we saw in this region. A region that has been war torn for so many years. The top picture is of City Solite, the next picture is at our Mapou location in the mountians where they were devestated with mud slides and flooding from 1994 leaving the area devisated. There were an extimated 3000 peopled killed during this time. This area has the largest number of orphanes then anywhere in Haiti. The bottom picture is at our Awesome Pete location on the bottom tip of Haiti boarding The Dominican Republic. It was 26 hrs. of some of the most difficults roads I have ever seen over a two day period. We got to meet all the children, have our meetings and get home safely with only one flat tire. The last day was 100 miles in 13 hrs. That was the good day.
The trip was so well worth it as these are the latest of our schools that we have opened. The children are so excited to be getting an education.

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