WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog

WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog
(TO SEE OUR WEB SITE CLICK ON THE ABOVE PICTURE) Lifeline Haiti and Bridges of Hope exists to promote poverty relief and community empowerment within nations of the world. This mission is achieved in cooperation with Governments, donor organizations and individuals. Implementation is accomplished in cooperation with local business & Spiritual Leaders, individuals, & indigenous organizations within the region of operation and by building the capacity of these partners. The goal is to build the assets of these partners to become sustainable and reproducing agents and transition from beneficiaries to benefactors.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Letters to Haiti for your sponsored Child.

Update on sending letters for those that have sponsored children in Haiti through our organization.

Please to be sure to put your sponsored child's name or number at the bottom left of your envelope and please make sure to put your return address on the envelope as I will bring back the replies when I come back from my Jan. trip. _ _Please DO NOT send money to Haiti.__ _ IF you would like to give a gift I would recommend to send $30. to our office here in Canada to the address shown at top of this page. Please put a note with it for what it is for. I will then send it down to cover the cost of feeding all the child's classmates for the day. Your child will be advised and all the other children will know if was a gift from you. With 2700 students at 15 schools it is difficult to give a child a gift without something for the others.
We have a motto: __ "one for all and all for one" __ this way no one gets left out.

You will receive a Tax Receipt for all donations.

I will be fund raising all this week through Red Deer, Edmonton and Slave Lake. I will be speaking at the Full Gospel Church with Pastor Sid Chalmer in Slave Lake on Sun. Dec. 7th.

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