WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog

WELCOME to the Lifeline Haiti Blog
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nov.23/08 Update

Each day has it's surprises but all works out for His glory. On our way to Savonette on the 22nd we stopped at a location called Carrefour Raymond where we visited a location that has a building made out of slats were 150 children attend a school where the teachers do not get paid, the children don't get fed or clean drinking water, they have very few books. They are in desperate need of help. Even if we could give partial salaries to the teachers and feed the children each day would be a huge help.
Perhaps you, your church or company could take on this project. Six hundred per month would make a huge difference for this school.
The drive towards Savonette realy gave us a look at the power of the water that came out of the mountains during the hurricanes. We were not able to get anywhere near where we use to be able to drive before our walk up to Savonette. I cannot see how they can ever have a passable road to this area again. It added another hour to our walk in. We met 300 of the children as they came walking towards us singing songs as we got close to their school. They are so happy. Jules, Jade, & Kris are staying up there for the next couple of days gathering information on each of the students and getting updated pictures.
On the way in we met a lady that lives in a village before we turn into the mountains. She had lost everything as a result of the hurricanes. Her story is that she had a bakery and a home that was destroyed in the hurricanes. She is now widowed with 15 children and has nothing to feed them. We come across story after story like this all throughout the island. We were able to give her enough to feed her family for the next month but there is so much more we would love to be able to do to make a difference.
There are still several of our schools we are not able to get to because of the roads being washed out. We hope to get to a couple of them on Monday as we have borrowed a quad and a dirt bike to get in. It will depend if we can cross the river first.
Henry's family will be painting in Chabin, Marcus will be working on the computers and I will be working with our bookkeeping staff for the next couple of days.
Thanks to each of you for your prayers and financial support. Bob & Linda

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